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Living Dead Weekend: Evans City
Living Dead Weekend: Monroeville

Living Dead Weekend: Evans City - Living Dead Double Feature - Oct 17, 2020Double Feature - NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD & CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS

LDW Presents: Big Screen Movies at Dark in EDCO PARK, an outdoor big screen double feature presentation inside Evans City (Home of Night of the Living Dead) EDCO Park. It's a double feature of two classic horror/zombie films from acclaimed directors.

1st Feature - George A. Romero's original 1968 film classic, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD! Presented in official fully RESTORED version. Filmed in Evans City, it's our annual Living Dead Weekend screening of the film that started it all.

2nd Feature - Bob Clark's 1972 comedic horror zombie film, CHILDREN SHOULDN'T PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS! (The late Bob Clark is known for directing BLACK CHRISTMAS, PORKY'S and A CHRISTMAS STORY). Early in Bob Clark's career and influenced by NOTLD comes this classic.

There will be Living Dead merchandise and other socially distant outdoor family fun.

COVID SAFETY: We will be adhering to all safety guidelines as presented by the local government and also the CDC and other health experts. Face Coverings (masks) must be worn by all inside the park. Masks must cover both mouth and nose. Masks may only be removed when back at your family unit seating area. We will have hand sanitizing stations throughout. If anyone cannot adhere to these rules, we ask that you skip event as you will be asked to leave without refund otherwise. Movie Viewing spaces will be properly socially distanced and we ask that you stay grouped within your family unit in each space. Thank You.

Please bring chairs, blankets, pillows, etc. to get comfortable. Dress warmly for a cool October night.

Movies Tickets -$10.00: October 17, 2020. Entry begins at 5:00 PM. First feature begins at 7:30 PM.